A true attention grabber

July 5, 2020

Sheers that can either be used as a traditional window treatment or as a contemporary room divider! Large full length Samples are available for same day Express Post dispatch from Sydney to meet your presentation needs. Give us a call today on 1300 306 399 for all your project specific needs.

Pulse Celebrity showcases lines that create movement not only through gradient of colour, but also through the wave design in this large scale printed sheer.

Reflex is a true show stopper and attention grabber. Reflex is a beautiful Trevira crinkled sheer offering a gradual ombre of colour. Due to the nature of this fabric, it must always be used railroaded.

Rock on Celebrity is an organic mottled pattern fades away creating a stunning piece that would be great for any space.

Stix highlights a fun ditzy multicoloured pinstripe with the softest Trevira handle! Great to pull the room together by adding subtle colour as a room divider or window treatment.