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Introducing Future Carving – Spectacular Wallcoverings

By | Product Release

The Future Carving range features 13 new wallcovering designs that will blow your mind with their level of intricacy. Spanning suede, grassweaves and textiles, Future Carving offers a range of unique aesthetics suited to the most discerning environment.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.



Introducing Fundamentals – 13 Coordinating Commercial Upholsteries

By | Product Release

The Fundamentals range features 75 coordinating textures and semi-plains that are treated with Endurepel performance finish to repel liquid and make the upholsteries anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Click on the link to check out Fundamental’s coordinating designs or Baresque’s complete range of Commercial Upholsteries.


Wallcoverings for a Modern Learning Space

By | Blog

Stepping into a classroom today, you’re unlikely to find a traditional setup – gone are the rows of individual desks and chalkboards. In 2019 you can expect to discover open plan learning spaces, colourful couches and discussion areas, enclosed study nooks and interactive walls. Much discussion and thousands of studies the world over have investigated the pros and cons of old-school learning setups versus more organic spaces; the argument being that open areas invite cohesiveness and collaboration between students. Baresque supports contemporary education spaces that are designed to maximise learning and creativity and have accrued a range of technologies that can be easily incorporated in these rooms. Our interactive wall coverings are designed to maximise the learning experience of young children, teenagers, and young adults in the education system.

Interactive boards and magnetised walls

Since introducing dry erase wallcoverings more than 20 years ago, Walltalkers® have been on the cutting edge of interactive classroom technologies. Using a meticulous laminating process, their EZ-RITE boards are free from thin spots and pinholes that typically result in permanent and obvious ink stains on other dry erase boards. The MAG-RITE boards allow users to stick important documents and information to the board with magnets whilst using dry erase markers to make notes, mind-maps and links between ideas. For a multi-purpose board, the PROJECT-RITE comes with all the features of a dry erase board, but has a low gloss finish to make it an ideal projector screen for powerpoint presentations, film screenings and lectures.

Baresque are designing the future of education

Our children are growing up in a tech-savvy world. To stay current in every facet of their lives, our kinders, schools and universities are having to adapt to the skills the younger generations have already begun to master. With Walltalkers®, Baresque are leading the way in innovative and interactive wallcoverings, discover why classrooms across Australia and worldwide are adopting more engaging and collaborative education tools.

Reach out to our wall design experts for a consultation. We will listen to your vision and needs and suggest the perfect product to suit your education space.


By | Product Release

Baresque continues to dominate the local wallcoverings market and with just a selection of our new releases like these it is easy to see why! Whether it is sophisticated and textured semi-plains, large scale organics and graphics or anything in between, Baresque have all your wallcovering needs covered.  CHECK OUT OUR LATEST WALLCOVERINGS HERE.

Case Study – Minto Shopping Centre Food Court

By | Case Study

With a strong focus on community, the owners of Minto Shopping Centre wanted to give back through their centre. The goal of the refresh was to give the heart of the centre a “homey” and comfortable feel, suitable to a wide range of local demographics. Usability, space and access were particularly important with the layout opening up the inside of the space and creating zones of long vs short stay seating.

Designed in house by our sister company botton + gardiner and using a number of Baresque finishes (vinyl upholsteries, Lightblocks Board), a strong balance was achieved between not only looks but functionality and cost. The client was impressed by botton + gardiner / Baresque’s previous work at Market City, Sydney and drawn to the full package service including design, manufacture and installation.

The food court’s colour palette was inspired by the owner’s Mediterranean tastes and the building’s strong black ceiling framing which also led into the shapes of the feature centre table. Black, bronze and ochre colours were devised to be sophisticated without being cold. The metallic sheen and vinyl’s quilted/woven feel add texture and interest without compromising functionality of cleaning or durability.

Introducing Infinity – A range of Ever Surprising Stripes

By | Product Release

Infinity is a discrete, elegant and timeless, yet versatile and ever surprising range of stripes that offer infinite possibilities to dress up your walls.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.

Case Study – Road to Zero

By | Case Study

Baresque are excited to share these amazing images of ‘Road to Zero’ – a first of its kind road safety learning experience developed by TAC for targeting a pre-driving age audience.

Utilising an existing storage area and former discovery centre within the iconic Museums Victoria building, E2 collaborated closely with TAC, Museums Victoria and Denton Corker Marshall to create a design that met at times conflicting requirements to stay true to its goals.

With a long life span expected, material selection required a high level of durability but also flexibility to provide a foundation that allows for renewal as new data, road safety content and technologies emerge to improve road safety. Baresque’s Lightblocks Board and Ice provided a perfect platform on which to build this creativity. For the younger audience, a mature sophisticated environment that is engaging and not perceived as a traditional learning environment was created.

E2’s design process incorporated commissioned artwork and illustrations as integral elements but also to shape the underlying mood, tone and pace of the visitor experience. Visitors are encouraged to engage with road safety from a personal perspective. To highlight and explore their own vulnerability as an entry point to exploring the interrelationships between our human physiology, our behaviour and the vehicle and road engineering systems that together create a safer road system.


By | Product Release

Delamere by Panaz is a range of beautifully coordinated designs available across a range of drapery, bedspread and upholstery fabrics or can even be printed onto 100’s of Baresque’s wallcovering and table top substrates.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.

Introducing Trailblazer – 13 Co-ordinating Cryptons

By | Product Release

The Crypton Trailblazer collection features coordinating classic stripes and textures paired with playful patterns ideally suited to contemporary aged care and hospitality projects. Colors range from soft neutrals to classic primary shades with bright bold pops of color.

Click on the link to check out Trailblazer’s coordinating designs or Baresque’s complete range of Cryptons.

Leverage Custom Wall Prints in Your Design Process

By | Blog

A seductive maritime wall print in a seafood restaurant that makes you feel as if you’re dining below the surface. A dwarfing, emerald green forest to suit an eco-conscious business. A sweeping marble wall in an upscale restaurant that appears to have been cut from a single block. An abstract colourful design to enliven a plain-palleted room. Today, when it comes to wall prints, it’s only our imagination that sets the limit.

Wall prints can transform a room in ways no other design feature can. They can make large rooms more intimate, and make smaller rooms feel sprawling. They can surprise with their unexpected high-resolution imagery, or simply provide a highly customisable wall covering solution. Beyond being stunning design pieces, they can also nearly effortlessly communicate ideas, feelings, and ethical stances – so make sure you show off your creative side and thrill your clients by incorporating custom wall prints in your interior designs.

Digital prints

Go big or go home. Leveraging photography through custom wall prints is bold but can pay off beautifully. Whether it’s an aerial shot of a surfer riding a wave, or the stunning symmetry of cut timber logs stacked atop each other – images can elevate a space in an unexpected way. However, the last thing you want is to receive a poorly formatted or pixelated print. Just make sure that you order your prints from a reputable provider who will make sure that the finished result is exactly how you imagined.

Vivid paints

Make any room feel like an art gallery. Today, you can incorporate stunning abstract and watercolour motifs through custom wall prints. If you want to make this stunning design feature part of your design and you’ve already settled on a colour palette, rest assured that you can order stunning wall prints to your custom specifications.

Graphic designs

Topography, vintage maps, striking patterns, or bold colours – incorporating blocks of custom graphic designs in a space is an effective and low-cost way to add vibrancy, style, and quirk. Graphic wall prints can be the winning feature in a corporate office, or even a dentist practice – it truly is up to your imagination.

Baresque is a specialist supplier of interior design solutions. We supply interior designers across Australia with a complete range of stunning design features based on the most current of trends and innovation.

Use Colours Effectively When Designing A Corporate Office

By | Blog

Gone are the days when corporate offices were synonymous with drab colour schemes, cubicle offices, and fake plants. Today, having taken a few leaves out of the books of Silicon Valley tech companies, corporate offices across the globe are swapping out the drab for a younger, fresher look. Baresque is here with tips on how to best leverage the power of colours in your corporate design process.

All out, or touches of colour?

Some corporate clients are going to be more adventurous than others – so sussing out the amount of colour they’re happy to use early in the design process is key. Where some may be thrilled by bold feature walls and out-of-the-box thinking, others may want to simply ‘jazz up’ their existing colour pallet. Once you know what they’re after you’ll more easily know how to make it happen.

Walls, floors, and ceilings

Gone are the days when wall and ceiling decorations meant paint or wallpapers. Today, interior designers can choose between a range of stunning solutions. From wall cladding to fabrics, Seraphic digital prints to stunning wallcoverings – all available in a range of bold and beautiful colours. You can even opt for vivid acoustic panels for walls and ceilings that not only look stunning, but also do wonders for an often-noisy corporate office.

Add colour through the furniture

This is a great way to add temporary bursts of colour to an office. Whether your client prefers minimalism over maximalism, or they want to ease into the use of colour, furnishing the office with some well-placed, bold-coloured armchairs, couches and pillows can go a long way in enlivening the office. With fabrics available across textures and colours, you’ll be sure to find what you’re after.

Use the company colours

A benefit of working with corporate clients is that they’ve often got an established colour palette. What better way to strengthen the corporate branding than using the company’s own colours when furbishing the office? Not only does this afford a powerful first impression when investors, clients, and future employees step through your doors, but it is also likely to make employees feel more closely connected with the company’s identity.

Don’t forget the plants!

Not only are plants good for wellbeing and air quality, they’re also a much-loved burst of colour. Not only are modern offices more colourful, they’re also more alive – so to stay current ensure you make plants a part of your design process for a result that’ll thrill your clients.

Baresque is Australia’s trusted source of standout design solutions for interior designers and architects. To learn more about our range of products, feel free to get in touch.

How to Improve the Acoustics of a Room

By | Blog

Great acoustics are not only reserved for music halls and theatres. Have you ever entered a restaurant only to turn in the door due to the noise level inside? Perhaps you’ve had your concentration interrupted by coworkers’ chatting in an open office. On the other hand – have you ever walked into a space that put you immediately at ease? Acoustics is a silent determinant of how much we enjoy spending time in a room. In the case of a workplace or a school, it determines how productive we are. In the case of a restaurant or a shop, it affects the likelihood of staying, buying, and returning. So how can we leverage acoustics to ensure we design pleasant spaces?

Why worry about the acoustics?

The quality of a room’s acoustics is increasingly considered in the interior design process, and for good reason. Not only do great acoustics increase wellness, productivity, and concentration, but studies show that sales can increase in retail shops as a result of improved acoustics.

Acoustics is a great determinant of the overall success for a business – be it a shop, a restaurant, a hotel or a conference center. Because of this, interior designers and interior architects are increasingly asked to design with acoustics as well as aesthetics in mind, and Baresque is here to tell you how.

Build it into the interior architecture

You may feel like fitting rooms with acoustic panels would ruin your overall design, but you will be pleased to learn that acoustics panels have come a long way from sound booth insulation. Today, fitting rooms with acoustics wall and ceiling panels need not impinge on the aesthetics in the slightest. Cutting edge acoustics are seamlessly combined with impeccable designs across a range of styles. Acoustic panels reduce the amount of reverberations any given sound gives off and prevents noise levels from escalating.

Leverage the interior design

Once the room has been built to accommodate a comfortable acoustic, there’s still ample that can be done to further improve sound, reduce noise, and increase wellness. While acoustic wall and ceiling tiles may be sufficient in rooms that don’t receive too much noise, it may be wise to consider further measures such as acoustic baffles, clouds, and more. For open plan offices and other large spaces, using Concertina screens may just be the great-looking, privacy-affording, noise reducing design solution that you’ve been after.

Further, experimenting with the placement of furniture and plants in the room to see how well they affect and absorb sound can be an affordable and fast way to improve acoustics.

Want to discuss your acoustics with the experts? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Baresque today.