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Designed by – Polli Woods Interior Design

Photographed by – Baresque

Baresque had previously done the Ground Floor and Level 5 of this government building with the same designer / facilities department who were ecstatic with the response from the staff. Feedback from all involved was that the work environment was stimulated through colour and texture, but still had a sense of calm and quiet through the use of Zintra.

When level 6 came live, the government requested Polli’s involvement again, with a more generous budget.

Polli has a long standing relationship with Baresque and loves working with us as a one stop shop for interior finishes. Once carpet is selected, Polli meets with Baresque to go through all wall and upholstery options for the spaces.

Zintra on all exposed walls, Zntra cladding options such as textures for meeting spaces and upholstery for the café added a more relaxed fun feel along with some striking perforated screens. Baresque’s ability to have acoustics, upholstery and screens all color co-ordinated made the selection process a breeze and easy to sell to the client as they knew of our range from previous fit outs. The later addition of Jive Crypton upholstery for workstations, again in colours that perfectly matched the Zintra and screens, helped the selection process remain on track.

What a great result!


By | Case Study

Designed by – MPH Architects

Photographed by – Monica Manthey

We love sharing great uses of our Zintra Acoustic Panel and this is one of them!

Faced with the need for an acoustic solution in a very clinical looking, echoey space as students and staff walked through, designers MPH Architects from Adelaide briefed Baresque who  were able to come back with multiple acoustic solutions, eventually narrowing down on Baffles.

The designer wanted to take the look of our Wave baffle design, but with budget restrictions and a lot going on above the suspended ceiling, wanted to avoid anything else to be fixed through this ceiling. So Baresque were able to offer a combination of one of our latest product releases – the Hook Baffle – with custom blades to achieve the design needs. Our acoustic ceiling options were able to be customised in house and delivered within a very short lead time to meet the project needs.

The architects and clients were so happy with the result it has now been specified for other areas with the second order delivered not long after the first.

Dusty Shades of Pink

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Our take on a tonal material palette. Dusty shades of pink with a hint of metallic tones, a classic and inviting colour mix.

At Baresque, we know that no two projects are the same – and nor should they be. That’s why we offer a wide range of services and solutions to interior designers nationwide, so that we can work closely with you to tailor the perfect solution for your needs. If you need some inspiration for your next project click here. 

Scroll over the thumbnails below for product details and click through to order a sample today.

Using Digital Print for Creative Design Solutions

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The options are limitless when it comes to digital printing; whether you want to choose from an established design that we have previously created, or would like our team to manipulate a design you have created yourself, there is so much you can do to achieve the perfect print. With more than 1000 substrates on offer, we encourage you to enjoy the versatility of Baresque’s Seraphic High Performance Digital Print, material selection, and the experience our team have in achieving creative design solutions.

The process of creating a digital print

Seraphic High Performance Digital Print offers an extensive range of substrates including wallcoverings, cladding, acoustics and tabletops. You can start your journey with one of our plains, choose an intricate texture or colour to help achieve the unique style of your project, or bring in your own idea for us to work with.

Bringing your own design ideas to life

From innovative acoustics to durable wallcovering, Baresque have experience in a multitude of design solutions, including corporate and fast food branding, in which clients have brought in their designs to help generate a unique piece that helps represent their specific company style.

When you bring your own idea in, you have the option for us to print it as is or develop the file to modify its design so that it meets your requirements. If you are not completely satisfied with the options offered, or want to explore a range of avenues, we can tap into sourcing capabilities to help your dream be further realised.

The final stages of production

Once we have your design and dimensions, we will supply you with a complimentary A4 sample so you can see in real time what the design will look like once printed. This piece is then used as the basis for sign off prior to production. Doing so removes the hassle and stress of worrying about changes after the final process has started and helps eliminate errors.

Baresque is with you from start to finish

A dedicated internal digital project manager will work with you to ensure your vision is achieved, and your expectations are met. Browse our designs to see what we can do for your company or bring in your own creative idea and let our talented team generate a creative design solution for you. We are available on 1300 306 399 or


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Silly season is nearly upon us and to get in the mood we’re showcasing festive bundles of jungle green, gold, lustrous chenile and embroidered snowflakes.

Scroll over and click the thumbnails below for product details.

How to Choose the Right Wallcovering

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Wallcoverings are an inventive and easy way to transform a room. Regardless of your personal style or decorative vibe you want to achieve for the space, you are sure to find something you like amongst the vast array of options offered. From luxurious and durable textures to easy-clean fabrics, Baresque has an impressive range of wallcoverings, and expert tips on how to choose the right wallcovering for your commercial or hospitality needs.

It starts with colour and design

As you begin your journey into the world of wallcoverings, there are a few key components to consider that will ensure you invest in a product that you truly love. Your first step  to finding the perfect wallcovering is noting down the colours and designs that take your fancy and applying them to the intended space. If you are decorating a smaller-sized room, pastels and little prints will enhance the feeling of spaciousness, while dark colour and large-scale patterns will bring the walls in. It’s important to remember that colours have an affect on emotions, so choose colours that are calming and relaxing.

Wallcovering designs allow you to show personability through your décor and be as creative as possible. You can do a feature wall or ceiling and use a dramatic pattern to make a bold statement or cover all four walls for a modern look. If you choose the latter, be sure to choose a simple design so not to overwhelm the space.

Durability and cost consideration

Once you have a colour and design in mind, you can start researching products that match your budget and will stand the test of time.

Textured wallcoverings can give dimension to a room and anchor certain points that you want to show-off, as well hide building imperfections or spills and markings.

If you have a strict budget and are particularly fond of a fabric or paper that is rather expensive, meet yourself some of the way and only cover a single wall to create an impact and save your hip pocket. Putting the more decorative wallcoverings only above dado will help avoid damage.

Baresque’s digital print capability

If you still find yourself uninspired, Seraphic Digital Print by Baresque is the perfect solution with countless options available. The technology combines limitless designs and thousands of substrates to choose from, meaning you create a bespoke pattern that is is perfectly suited to your individual taste.

For more information about wallcoverings and the services we offer, speak to a team member at Baresque today.


By | Case Study

Designed by – Hames Sharley

Photographed by – Peter Barnes

A true team effort delivered real wow factor to this multi functional collaborative space and kitchen/social meeting area.

Working with Hames Sharley from the drawing stage, Tonkin required extensive consultation and collaboration between Baresque, our design / manufacturing team and the lighting designer, electrician, joiner and project manager to define how assembly and installation would work on site. It was the amazing attributes of our Zintra Acoustic Panel and Baresque’s openness to taking the design concept to work through the possibilities that finally delivered the client’s needs.

Interestingly the individual clouds were installed in sections then joined together as one 8.7m x 3.5m unit. Massive! The complete unit was then suspended 1m off the ground for the lighting team to come in thread their wires through to the top. The Cloud was then hung and the wiring pulled through to the ceiling to hard wire.


By | Product Release

Portman is a collection of 6 sophisticated designs conveying sartorial elegance and refinement. Including checks of varying scale and a complimentary plain with micro herringbone detail, Portman’s colour combinations of stylish greys and charcoal through to classic navy, emerald and heather, evoke a sense of tradition with a hint of the outdoors.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.



By | Product Release

Taking inspiration from graffiti and the street art of New York, Underground is intrinsically stylish with 3 current and contemporary designs for Hospitality and Workspace environments.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.


Moorebank Sports Club

By | Case Study

Designed by Monocle Designs, Moorebank Sports Club are stoked with the way these Custom Zintra Baffles in their circular ceiling feature turned out.

Richie Stevens from Monocle says “the Zintra is aesthetically pleasing and provides the wow factor whilst still providing the sound absorption needed in a very large open plan bistro. The end result with the light filtering through is a standout!”

Baresque has a number of different standard acoustic baffle designs available but can also work closely with you to come up with something a bit different – or very different in this case! – to meet your exact project requirements.

Contact Baresque on 1300 306 399 for more details.



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Don’t miss our best of the best project and product ideas on our BE INSPIRED page.

Baresque is renowned for its ability to continually bring new and innovative ideas to market.

This tradition continues with our latest release covering over 60 new designs across Wallcoverings, Fabrics and Acoustic Solutions and 100 new digital print designs.

Check out the NEW RELEASE page or specific category links / product images below.

Wallcoverings – Commercial ,Decorative  or Xorel

Fabrics – Commercial Upholsteries , Vinyl Upholsteries / Coated Fabrics and Cryptons

Acoustics – Zintra Textures

Digital Print





Pullman Hotel Brisbane – Goldfinch Restaurant

By | Case Study

Designed by – Accor Hotels

Photographs – supplied by Accor Hotels.


We just love this recent digital print job!

Originally the Crest International Hotel, what is now the Pullman was home to the famous local Goldfish Bar. Nearly 50 years on, the new venue goldFINCH was named with a nod to the “GOLD” of goldfish, but replacing “FINCH” for fish due to the space being light and airy – similar to an aviary.

Off the back of a number of positive past experiences, Pullman approached Baresque to assist with the wallcoverings which were required on a very tight leadtime. Despite the restaurant’s relaxed Hamptons feel, the wallcovering needed to make a visual statement to be seen by passers by. The aim was to create something fresh, whilst subtly linking back to the history of the site by incorporating the goldFINCH logo into the design.

From a render supplied for inspiration and scale, the wallcovering design was created by the Baresque team in collaboration with the hotel. Printed in-house, the result was a large scale succulent Australiana botanical print in colours that provided the required visual impact, whilst complimenting the surrounding space and interiors.