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By | Case Study

Designed by – Hames Sharley

Photographed by – Peter Barnes

A true team effort delivered real wow factor to this multi functional collaborative space and kitchen/social meeting area.

Working with Hames Sharley from the drawing stage, Tonkin required extensive consultation and collaboration between Baresque, our design / manufacturing team and the lighting designer, electrician, joiner and project manager to define how assembly and installation would work on site. It was the amazing attributes of our Zintra Acoustic Panel and Baresque’s openness to taking the design concept to work through the possibilities that finally delivered the client’s needs.

Interestingly the individual clouds were installed in sections then joined together as one 8.7m x 3.5m unit. Massive! The complete unit was then suspended 1m off the ground for the lighting team to come in thread their wires through to the top. The Cloud was then hung and the wiring pulled through to the ceiling to hard wire.


By | Product Release

Portman is a collection of 6 sophisticated designs conveying sartorial elegance and refinement. Including checks of varying scale and a complimentary plain with micro herringbone detail, Portman’s colour combinations of stylish greys and charcoal through to classic navy, emerald and heather, evoke a sense of tradition with a hint of the outdoors.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.



By | Product Release

Taking inspiration from graffiti and the street art of New York, Underground is intrinsically stylish with 3 current and contemporary designs for Hospitality and Workspace environments.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.


Moorebank Sports Club

By | Case Study

Designed by Monocle Designs, Moorebank Sports Club are stoked with the way these Custom Zintra Baffles in their circular ceiling feature turned out.

Richie Stevens from Monocle says “the Zintra is aesthetically pleasing and provides the wow factor whilst still providing the sound absorption needed in a very large open plan bistro. The end result with the light filtering through is a standout!”

Baresque has a number of different standard acoustic baffle designs available but can also work closely with you to come up with something a bit different – or very different in this case! – to meet your exact project requirements.

Contact Baresque on 1300 306 399 for more details.



By | Product Release

Don’t miss our best of the best project and product ideas on our BE INSPIRED page.

Baresque is renowned for its ability to continually bring new and innovative ideas to market.

This tradition continues with our latest release covering over 60 new designs across Wallcoverings, Fabrics and Acoustic Solutions and 100 new digital print designs.

Check out the NEW RELEASE page or specific category links / product images below.

Wallcoverings – Commercial ,Decorative  or Xorel

Fabrics – Commercial Upholsteries , Vinyl Upholsteries / Coated Fabrics and Cryptons

Acoustics – Zintra Textures

Digital Print





Pullman Hotel Brisbane – Goldfinch Restaurant

By | Case Study

Designed by – Accor Hotels

Photographs – supplied by Accor Hotels.


We just love this recent digital print job!

Originally the Crest International Hotel, what is now the Pullman was home to the famous local Goldfish Bar. Nearly 50 years on, the new venue goldFINCH was named with a nod to the “GOLD” of goldfish, but replacing “FINCH” for fish due to the space being light and airy – similar to an aviary.

Off the back of a number of positive past experiences, Pullman approached Baresque to assist with the wallcoverings which were required on a very tight leadtime. Despite the restaurant’s relaxed Hamptons feel, the wallcovering needed to make a visual statement to be seen by passers by. The aim was to create something fresh, whilst subtly linking back to the history of the site by incorporating the goldFINCH logo into the design.

From a render supplied for inspiration and scale, the wallcovering design was created by the Baresque team in collaboration with the hotel. Printed in-house, the result was a large scale succulent Australiana botanical print in colours that provided the required visual impact, whilst complimenting the surrounding space and interiors.


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Foliage and the Tropical design movement has made “greenery,“ centre stage; whether actual leaves or highlighting the colour itself, green is on everyone’s radar.

Deep emeralds started popping up in fashion and walking down the runways. Pinterest, blogs and online sources are focusing plenty of attention on statement plants as design elements. Moody interiors where all shades of green, from forest to jade to safari olives work together to create an enticing atmosphere. Add a touch of teal and warm metal notes and you’re right on the mark. Layered and rich, these shades will play with warm khaki neutrals.

Check out more designs from the Genon range here.




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A modern desert vibe fuses global influences from unexpected locales. Expansive, sundrenched, arid vistas tap into our wandering spirit that drive the explorer in each of us. Visions of the warm deep hues of dusk laden skies, terracotta, clay and ochre colours partner with the bleached neutrals of sand, creams and buff. Blush casted undertones, and warm pinks added to the equation become reminiscent of the setting sun; warming your surroundings and your soul. Keep the look current, with mixed materials of worn leather, knubby textures, wood, plasters and of course….a little hint of glam.

Check out more designs from the Bolta range here.




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Rooted to our human need for water, this deep colourway can soothe the soul. From mysterious and regal, to fun and spirited, navy is the colour that is easily invented. Classic, by most standards, and never out of style, navy taps into the rich, dark colour trends while still feeling accessible. Navy is especially sumptuous in velvet upholstery, chicly used as a “neutral” on cabinetry and feels decadent as it cocoons you in its embrace when covering the walls. The natural hues of ivory, beige and griege add lightness and pair effortlessly to complement your palette.

Check out more designs from the Bolta range here.





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Aren’t rules meant to be broken? What fun is ‘matchy-matchy’…live a little and mix it up! Outfits feel infinitely cooler when jewelry is a funky combination. A modern metal table paired with a vintage patinaed mirror is the perfect marriage of fresh and timeless. Treat your spaces to the same collected “mix your metals vibe” by blending hints of gold, silver, bronze and copper with varied sheen levels and a touch of effortlessly chic black matte throughout the furniture, fixtures, and wallcovering…nailed it.

Check out more designs from the Genon range here.




By | Product Release

Natural wallpapers are an environmentally friendly way to add texture and beauty to a wide variety of design themes.

Magic Colour gives you plenty of choice with over 200 options, grouped by colour to make selection a breeze, across the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.


Say Goodbye to Bland and Sterile Décor

By | Blog

Once upon a time, high-traffic areas – particularly hallways and rooms in healthcare settings that must adhere to strict cleaning protocols – were stuck with practical décor that left a lot to be desired. In an industry where ‘practical’ used to be synonymous with ‘uninspiring’ (read: boring), interior designers can now rejoice. With Baresque’s new line of advanced wall protection, P3TEC, industries such as healthcare, food service, and transportation will benefit from products that seamlessly blend easy-to-clean elements with trendsetting design. In this blog, Baresque showcases the best features of the P3TEC range, as well as other protective coverings, and shows you how they can be integrated in your workplace.

Designed for high performance

The P3TEC range is one of Baresque’s most exciting new products. A highly lauded technical innovation, this stunning wall protection collection comes with three key advantages:

  • High performance, including being bleach cleanable
  • Easy to use and install
  • A wide range of beautiful designs

It has been specifically engineered to withstand impact force to a higher degree than standard wall coverings, retaining the key advantages of physical flexibility whilst also boasting superior abrasion resistance to damage from moving objects such as carts, trolleys, wheelchairs, and other wheeled devices. Protected with a cap film, P3TEC is easy to clean. It is designed to resist surface damage from even the harshest chemicals and staining agents – spray paint, permanent markers, and more can be easily removed. This is especially valuable for healthcare and food service workplaces that rely on products that can be sanitised easily and effectively.

Protect your benches and tabletops

With our Stratek range, you’ll find a range of options in replicated natural finishes, but with all the benefits of durability. What makes this product exceptional is its seamless edge that is created by wrapping the substrate, rather than relying on laminating. This is a win for hygiene and easy cleaning as you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting caught in the seam between panels.

Let Baresque redefine practical

Boring and practical no longer go hand-in-hand. Let Baresque change your perception of sterile décor with their exciting and state-of-the-art range of wallcoverings and tabletops that blend hygiene with high fashion. If you work in healthcare, food service, or transportation, prepare to feel inspired every time you walk in the front door. Speak to one of our design experts on 1300 306 399 or submit an enquiry online.