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The Durability of Bleach Cleanable Materials

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Let’s explore the importance of having cleanable surfaces and the myriad of options are available.

When you create a space you love, you want the materials to last. At Baresque we understand this need which is why we are so passionate about durability and bleach cleanability. Right now, more than ever, everyone’s highest priority is cleanliness and ensuring that materials and surfaces are sterilised and safe to touch.

The range of bleach cleanable materials Baresque has to offer are not only easy to keep clean, but also extremely durable. There has never been a better time to add a layer of protection to your surroundings, and there has never been a time like now to make cleaning them easier.

What Does Bleach Cleanable Mean?

Protecting your customers from nasties by regularly wiping surfaces in your commercial space down is modus operandi these days. Bleach cleanable materials can be cleaned with a diluted solution of household bleach, making them easy to maintain and the perfect choice in a busy public space.

The range of bleach cleanable materials we have at Baresque is extensive and includes:

  • Advanced Wall Protection
  • Sunbrella Textiles
  • Zintra® Acoustic Panels

Read more about these materials in our blog ‘Bleach Cleanability’

How Does This Make Materials Durable?

Protecting materials from dirt, grime and even bugs helps them to last longer, allowing you to enjoy their style, or colours for an extended period. Bleach cleanable materials are also designed to be strong. We all know how powerful bleach can be, and these materials are created not to weaken or fade when in contact with the chemical.

Bleach cleanable materials are perfect for any area that may need regular disinfecting or sanitising and during these times, that can be anywhere. Many bleach cleanable materials also have additional stain resistance finishes, antibacterial finishes and moisture barriers to assist in helping them last and look great. The combination of features is what makes bleach cleanable materials the perfect addition to any hospital, restaurant, office, school or public space that needs to be kept sterile.


Explore Baresque’s Bleach Cleanable Materials

No matter what space you would like to look good and keep clean, you will find a style and colour scheme that suits in our exceptional range of bleach cleanable products. Constantly updating the selection, we have aesthetics to suit every unique requirement so you can have beautiful materials that are also highly functional.

Explore the range today, or discuss your needs with our team. Call us for a chat.

Ceilings as Design and Acoustic Features

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Given the size of the area involved, ceilings should never be the forgotten element of design. When you are designing a room, it is important to look up to see the possibilities that can be created, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a practical one.

Here at Baresque, we believe that ceilings can be used as design features and acoustic features and when done right, have a great range of benefits. Let’s explore how.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceilings  

  • Enjoy acoustic minimisation and better quality of sound. The Zintra® 12mm panel has an NRC 0.45 when stuck to the wall and up to 0.90 when used as a ceiling tile or baffle. It is the perfect solution when high quality acoustic performance is required.
  • You can incorporate colours and patterns into the space, and at Baresque with offer 20 colours which can then be combined with each other or digital printed for limitless combinations. Whatever theme you are aiming for, we have the technology to make it happen. 
  • Gives purpose to the ceiling rather than left to look like a forgotten piece. Whether you are dressing a small space, a large public gathering area or an office, adding acoustic ceilings can tie the whole room together. When designing a room its important to think of it as a canvas that you can turn into something exciting and inviting. The more appealing an area is, the longer people will want to be in it. 
  • Acoustic ceilings are cost effective solutions to new spaces or retrofitting existing areas that need design or acoustic improvements. You can easily and quickly transform the aesthetic of a room by adding in acoustic ceilings without the need for costly renovations or refurbishments.


Baresque Has the Solution

Baresque’s Acoustic Solutions will benefit commercial fitouts, education spaces, shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment spaces. Absorbing internal sound influences, our Acoustic Solutions reduce the noise level in any room, creating a calmer, more inviting space.

Our range of Zintra® Acoustic Solutions extend beyond ceilings, to wall tiles and more, so you can have the best acoustics possible in your space. All stylish and innovative, our designs can tie together a room perfectly from top to bottom.

Combine style and comfort with our choice of ceilings panels and make a design statement without fighting to be heard. Explore our range today, and should you want more information on our Acoustic Solutions or the best design options for your ceiling, please contact our team.

Walker Street Offices

By | Case Study

Social distancing is easy in this luxe new office fitout Greenbox Architecture designed for their client here in Sydney.  Greenbox Architecture features multiple Custom Zintra perforated Screens in popular colourway Slate. Space division couldn’t be easier with our range of standard to custom 2D Perforated Zintra Screens. ⁠Patterns can also be paired with a solid Zintra backing panel to add even more colour, depth and texture while also increasing the noise reduction coefficient. ⁠

Screening to break up large open spaces is becoming increasingly important and projects combining great layout, design and finishes truly stand out from the crowd. There is no longer a need to sacrifice sense for style, as we can tailor our zintra screen designs to suit you and your project needs.

” Screens and bench seating create a strong graphic language and a sense of place in our newly completed project. “ – Greenbox Architecture 

Baresque’s Acoustic Solutions are perfect for where acoustic performance as well as aesthetics are required. At Baresque we provide cost-effective sound and design solutions daily to our valued clients. We want to share with you our passion of incorporating acoustic solution into spaces and creating spectacular interiors alongside our clients. Rest assured our acoustic solutions will meet both you and your customer’s high visual and auditory expectations!

Call us to discuss your project’s specific needs today.


By | Case Study

We want to share with you our passion of incorporating acoustic solution into spaces and creating spectacular acoustic solutions alongside our valued clients Australia-wide.
We can all agree comfortability is a must when it comes to commercial and hospitality design. We provide cost-effective sound and design solutions to interior designers, contractors and creative individuals daily.

Acoustic absorption meets dynamic 3D design with our Zintra Etch in AJ Angle featured in Birdblack Design recent project. Birdblack Design created an intimate mood throughout the dining spaces of newly design Harbour Front Seafood Restaurant in Wollongong a coastal city in Australia. Our Acoustic solutions created a calming and comfortable environment throughout the new space accompanied by brass highlights between the acoustic panelling adding opulence and charm, worthy of a multi award-winning restaurant.

” No one likes a restaurant that echoes hollow noises, or a dining experience that leaves you with a pounding headache. The acoustic panelling provides a softness that you will appreciate! Brass highlights between the panelling add opulence and charm, worthy of a multi award-winning restaurant.” – Birdblack design

Zintra Etch is one of our dynamic 3D Acoustic solution ranges that offer subtle textures. Using a shallow v-groove cut, each etch pattern delivers a distinctive look to walls or ceilings! Zintra Etch will help you deliver a cutting-edge but welcoming atmosphere to your next commercial or hospitality project. Zintra Etch is also easily able to be tied back to plain Zintra sheets. Zintra is available in abroad range of neutral and bright colours. Rest assured our acoustic solutions will meet both you and your customer’s high visual and auditory expectations .

Browse our range of Acoustic Solutions today or call us to discuss your project’s specific needs today.

Artistic Commercial Wallcoverings

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Who needs a frame when the whole wall can be the artwork! Playful and artistic, Baresque’s new commercial wallcovering designs are rich in colours and artisan know-how. At Baresque we offer durable wallcoverings that don’t impinge on beauty whilst withstanding the kind of wear and tear that commercial spaces undoubtedly endure.

Whether you are looking for a commercial wallcovering design that evokes strong accents or a timeless design with soft neutrals, our new release offers a wide selection of designs that will meet both you and your customer’s high visual and design expectations. To discuss your projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today. We’re always happy to help our customers find the perfect fit for their clients’ needs.


Delivered straight to your desk or home office, our commercial wallcovering samples are available for same day Express Post dispatch from Sydney to meet your urgent presentation needs. Call on 1300 306 399 or email us at info@baresque.com.au.

Stand out acoustics

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Add dynamic style to your next project with our acoustic solutions and easily taken care of with bleach cleanable products. We understand it can be hard to find solutions that meet both you and your customer’s high visual and auditory expectations. Be Inspired by our Zintra Acoustic Solutions today!

Need something particularly hard wearing? Challenger provides tough anti-stain, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties and is bleach cleanable when required! It has the soft feel of leather with the durability and strength of vinyl. ⁠Explore Challenger, which is available in 40 colours.

Read more about these materials in our blog ‘Bleach Cleanability’

Samples are available for same day Express Post dispatch from Sydney to meet your presentation needs. Give us a call today on 1300 306 399 for all your project specific needs.

Win a Xorella

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Limited edition Xorellas! You read that correctly, you could win a Xorel umbrella! We will be giving away 2 Xorellas to lucky winners! Made with high performing Xorel, these umbrellas not only make a stunning design statement but are also bleach cleanable and antimicrobial.

Follow the directions below for your chance to win!

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Good Luck!

Xorel is a technologically advanced and environmentally sound problem solving woven textile which enables a wide range of design possibilities to be realized. We invite you to explore the vast design options and creative applications that can be realized in this unique material. Xorel is a stunning finish solution for a variety of end uses: wallcovering, wrapped panels, Acoustic tiles, furniture, bedheads and other creative areas.

As a high performance woven textile, all the characteristic of Xorel emanate from the yarn. Simply put, nothing is added to Xorel to enhance performance; no finishes, no coatings. Independent laboratories have performed more then 65 tests on Xorel including durability, cleanability, bacterial resistance, flammability, indoor air quality and acoustics making it the most thoroughly tested interior textile material on the market!

Giveaway will close 04/09/2020 at 11:59pm and the winners will be contacted via Instagram direct message. Entries are limited to Australia only. Good Luck!

Introducing the Cabana Collection

By | Product Release

Taking inspiration from coastal textures and natural colours, Cabana is the latest print design collection from the Panaz Studio available in four effortlessly gentle fabric designs. Ideal for high traffic hospitality and healthcare environment alike.

The Cabana Collection combines smooth tones which range from warm, sun drenched yellow to moody greens, creating a sense of refined luxury. Pairing the Cabana Collection together creates a comforting and homely space. Our selection of basecloths can be used for upholstery, drapery, accessories and sheers, with a variety of textures, so that you can have the design and colourway the way you imagine it.

Samples are now available to request through the individual product pages or call us on +61 1300 306 399, email us on info@baresque.com.au, or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with all the information you require.

Introducing the Loft Collection

By | Product Release

Imagine discovering a haven of peace in the midst of the wild energy of the city. Loft is a timeless collection combining nature and modernity through six unique designs. The collection offers harmonies of deep colours as well as soft and muted shades. The Stunning glass beads lend an air of magnificence to large spaces.

Designed and inspired by wall patinas weathered by the depths of history for this new collection that blends non-woven prints and resplendent minerals: glass beads and mica sparkles. A subtle interplay between shadow and light, matt and shine, on unique designs inspired by nature or geometry. Like a handprint, the print techniques are selected to convey the beauty of the material’s imperfections.

Metallic Canvas is a textured plain evocative of fabric, reflecting light as through gaps in an open weave inspired by nature.

Glass Beads is delicate with a textile quality. Its hazy light effect dazzles the eye. The delicate glassbeads are scattered onto a modern design inspired by the industrial world.

XL Chevron reveals artisanal know-how through this timeless geometric design. A subtle interplay between shadow and light is seen throughout the design.

Printed Mica Sparkles is a monochrome print on a semi precious material with a sandy feel evoking the flatness of a seascape and allowing thoughts to wander.

Withered Wood is based on several layers of withered wood put together to create an intriguing pattern. Six exciting colours to select from!

Sandy Waves shows how imprints of water form delicate patterns in the sand. This abstract design entices in its simplicity.

Samples are now available to request through the individual product pages or call us on +61 1300 306 399, email us on info@baresque.com.au, or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with all the information you require.

Mood for Indulge

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Add a touch of indulgence to your next project with our latest release products rich in colour and design. Layers of beautiful textures, materials and finishes make a bold statement . Get in touch with our friendly team today for design assistance or be inspired by real projects we’ve been a part of recently.

Samples are available for same day Express Post dispatch from Sydney to meet your presentation needs. Give us a call today on 1300 306 399 for all your project specific needs.

Baresque’s Speed to Market

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At Baresque we never miss a beat and while Australia is currently moving at different speeds across each state, Baresque is busy doing all it can to ensure our customers continue to receive exceptional service, high quality products and quick manufacturing turnaround times.

Thanks to our well established network of contacts, materials and in-house fabrications capabilities across a wide range of durable and easy to clean materials, the team at Baresque have been fortunate to ensure that customers haven’t missed anything of what they need. No matter what type of solution you require, through our own in-house manufacturing capabilities based in Sydney, we are set up to turn standard and custom jobs around quickly and efficiently.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Although a lot of things have gone on hold during the current crisis, Baresque’s passion for excellence, innovation and design certainly hasn’t! New ranges are being released and our manufacturing capabilities including CNC cutting, digital print, upholstery and metal fabrication are all running as normal. Baresque is able to fabricate across a vast range of bleach cleanable materials such as clear and frosted acrylic, Zintra Acoustic panel, Lightblocks Board, Stratek 3D Laminate, fabrics, timber and metal. Applications include walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories.

We can even work with you to bring your own design ideas to life, so if you need a particular product but can’t find exactly what you are looking for, our talented Baresque team can custom design it.

Continuing Our Commitment to Quality Products and Services

As we continue to work hard on our speed to market and take advantage of in-house local manufacture, we look forward to continuously helping customers achieve their design dreams.

Whether you are preparing your office for the return of workers with our range of protection screens, or are ensuring that the environment remains clean and easily taken care of with bleach cleanable products, we are here to help.

If you would like to speak with us about our manufacturing and installation process during this time, please feel free to get in contact via phone or email. We are more than happy to discuss your ideas and concepts and walk your through all of our processes.

There is so much uncertainty at the moment, but here at Baresque you can be confident that your design and manufacturing wants and needs will continue be met.

Personal Screens and Space Dividers in Offices

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Australia has just experienced the largest amount of people working remotely in our history. Never before have we had such a major shut down of offices, workplaces and whole buildings – but this is looking to change in the near future.

Offices are starting to fill with workers, once again occupying their desk area. However, with the events that have transpired, we will be working in a very different world. Being cautious and keeping a respectable distance will remain mandatory behaviour as we continue to limit the risk of disease. So, as we start the journey back to our places of work and social engagement, some sort of screening to break up large open spaces will become increasingly important.

The Benefits of Screens in the Office

  • Helps you feel more comfortable and ease uncertainty when you return to the office
  • Personal screens can be easily attached to desks for privacy between workers
  • Variety of designs means you will find something to match the aesthetics of your office and your own workspace
  • Screens don’t cut you off from the rest of office, but allow you the privacy and protection needed in this new world
  • Large space dividers can break up spaces to create intimate areas for small meetings
  • Provides less distraction from others, which can increase productivity
  • Gives all workers a sense of reassurance that safety precautions are being taken seriously
  • Available in a large range of materials including those that are bleach cleanable and minimise office noise

Tailored Designs for You

There is no longer a need to sacrifice sense for style, as we can tailor our screen designs to suit you. Here at Baresque we understand the need for privacy and protection through screens and space dividers, but we also want our products to match every aesthetic they feature in.

With this in mind, we offer such a vast range of screen choices, with the ability to mix and match colours and finishes with design and core type. All of our designs can have a frameless progressive design and flush finish through biscuit joins between each panel.

Explore Baresque’s Range of Personal Screens and Space Dividers  

After a length of time away from the office and public spaces in some degree of isolation, how are we going to feel comfortable being around others again? The reality is its going to be awkward, but Baresque’s Personal Screening options will definitely help. Browse our selection today or reach out to our team to discuss your needs.