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Natural wallpapers are an environmentally friendly way to add texture and beauty to a wide variety of design themes.

Magic Colour gives you plenty of choice with over 200 options, grouped by colour to make selection a breeze, across the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.


Say Goodbye to Bland and Sterile Décor

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Once upon a time, high-traffic areas – particularly hallways and rooms in healthcare settings that must adhere to strict cleaning protocols – were stuck with practical décor that left a lot to be desired. In an industry where ‘practical’ used to be synonymous with ‘uninspiring’ (read: boring), interior designers can now rejoice. With Baresque’s new line of advanced wall protection, P3TEC, industries such as healthcare, food service, and transportation will benefit from products that seamlessly blend easy-to-clean elements with trendsetting design. In this blog, Baresque showcases the best features of the P3TEC range, as well as other protective coverings, and shows you how they can be integrated in your workplace.

Designed for high performance

The P3TEC range is one of Baresque’s most exciting new products. A highly lauded technical innovation, this stunning wall protection collection comes with three key advantages:

  • High performance, including being bleach cleanable
  • Easy to use and install
  • A wide range of beautiful designs

It has been specifically engineered to withstand impact force to a higher degree than standard wall coverings, retaining the key advantages of physical flexibility whilst also boasting superior abrasion resistance to damage from moving objects such as carts, trolleys, wheelchairs, and other wheeled devices. Protected with a cap film, P3TEC is easy to clean. It is designed to resist surface damage from even the harshest chemicals and staining agents – spray paint, permanent markers, and more can be easily removed. This is especially valuable for healthcare and food service workplaces that rely on products that can be sanitised easily and effectively.

Protect your benches and tabletops

With our Stratek range, you’ll find a range of options in replicated natural finishes, but with all the benefits of durability. What makes this product exceptional is its seamless edge that is created by wrapping the substrate, rather than relying on laminating. This is a win for hygiene and easy cleaning as you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting caught in the seam between panels.

Let Baresque redefine practical

Boring and practical no longer go hand-in-hand. Let Baresque change your perception of sterile décor with their exciting and state-of-the-art range of wallcoverings and tabletops that blend hygiene with high fashion. If you work in healthcare, food service, or transportation, prepare to feel inspired every time you walk in the front door. Speak to one of our design experts on 1300 306 399 or submit an enquiry online.


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Zon creates beautiful and functional space solutions for work, play or relaxing – where one can feel at home, at ease and in focus. Make new friends or grab some much needed respite from your busy surroundings.

Zon is all about your imagination. Zon’s flexibility in size and configuration delivers small enclosed zones for intimate conversation, larger open layouts to divide up a complete floor or anything in between. Zon and its Add Ons can activate areas in all manner of ways by using both the “inside” and the “outside” as newly created spaces. Go tall, go short or mix and match the two to create movement and variety.

Short lead times and ultimate coordination across your complete project are delivered through in house manufacturing and utilising Baresque’s extensive range of durable materials and finishes.

Check out some of the Zon highlights below, view our brochures (commercial/education or hospitality/shopping centre) or get down into the product detail here.



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Check out how these simple yet very effective Zintra Shapes helped create a contemporary look and feel at the recent addition to Ulverstone High School.

Set the task of creating an engaging hub for year 11 & 12 students and help improve the high school graduation rate in this regional town, designer Philp Lighton Architects utilized 4 colours of Zintra and Baresque’s fabrication capabilities to tie in perfectly with the carpet design and playful furniture. Delivering a unique atmosphere for the senior students identify with, the hub differs from standard school spaces offering more of a uni or higher learning environment to encourage kids to stay in school that bit longer.

Zintra from Baresque was selected because of its high acoustic value, color range and ability to be cut into custom designs.


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Want to achieve something good with your project images? Baresque is a long standing supporter of Northcott and we will donate $250 to Northcott when you email us any project images featuring Baresque products.

Northcott is wonderful not-for-profit disability service provider that supports people with disability to realise their potential. What better way to make the most of your project images!

Zintra wins best 40+ sqm booth at Neocon!

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We are thrilled to share some images of our stand at the recent Neocon trade show in Chicago where Baresque took out the award for best 40+ sqm booth design!

Designed in house,  our aim was to visually separate the stand from the exhausting homogenized product displayed under bright lights and show the material in a conceptual way.

With all the lights in our space and surrounding hallways turned off and deep house music playing (check out or relive the play list here!) , the Zintra “cave” presented in stark contrast to the entire building generating a huge amount of interest and curiosity. It was truly a relief to the senses from the monotony that is an expo.

Some visitors referred to the shapes as “gems”, “rocks”, “jewels” and even “meteors” but the common thread to the whole experience was that everyone had a different idea on what they were looking at. Some thought it was an outer space experience, others thought it was a jewel garden. The most rewarding part of the design was that everyone that walked by just wanted to experience it.

Our new colour Malachite featured heavily in the design and provided a strong backdrop to the remaining 19 colours. The other 3 new colours Greige, Fossil and Cadet “Jewels” captivated all passers by.



Why Residential Homes are the New Five-Star Hotels

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Australia’s senior demographic are arguably one of the most overlooked and underappreciated social groups. With recent reports about the unacceptable state of aged care facilities, from shabby rooms to ineffective layouts, many residential homes are turning to interior decorators to transform their facilities into VIP accommodation.

Having supplied a range of wallcoverings to aged care homes, Baresque explores why residential care is transforming into five-star hotels.

Only the best for Australia’s seniors

When we reach a stage of life when residential care is our best option, we want to know that we’re going to a home that treats its guests like royalty. As well as being provided with a variety of tasty meal options, stimulating activities, and friendly staff, you want to settle into a place that upholds a standard of superior quality aesthetics.

If you’re moving from your family home into residential care you should be treated to the same inspiring and comforting designs that made your previous residence your personal haven. That’s why many aged care facilities are investing more into creating light, inviting, and beautiful common spaces for their residents to enjoy, as well as comfortable rooms and suites.

A better experience for visitors

Not only is this a win for residents, but it’s an exciting initiative to make visitors and family members have a more enjoyable time with their parents, friends, and loved ones. With comfortable and appealing common areas for residents to relax with their guests, a room that is light and boasts beautiful wall coverings is sure to set the tone for peaceful and happy visits.

Creating a better future for our elderly loved ones

Visiting standard aged care facilities around Australia, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally stumbled into a hospital ward. Bland wallcoverings, clinical furniture, and uninspiring colour palettes can drastically affect the mood of a facility.

When you invest in the atmosphere of residential care, you’re investing in the happiness of residents and their visitors, and the satisfaction and pride they will experience upon calling this place their home. Our elderly loved ones deserve the very best, and with help from the experts at Baresque, aged care companies can create the right tone for their facilities. If you want to find out more about this process, get in touch with our designers to start the ball rolling on turning flavourless décor into five-star designs.

Introducing Future Carving – Spectacular Wallcoverings

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The Future Carving range features 13 new wallcovering designs that will blow your mind with their level of intricacy. Spanning suede, grassweaves and textiles, Future Carving offers a range of unique aesthetics suited to the most discerning environment.

Check out the in situ images below or search the individual designs here.



Introducing Fundamentals – 13 Coordinating Commercial Upholsteries

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The Fundamentals range features 75 coordinating textures and semi-plains that are treated with Endurepel performance finish to repel liquid and make the upholsteries anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Click on the link to check out Fundamental’s coordinating designs or Baresque’s complete range of Commercial Upholsteries.


Wallcoverings for a Modern Learning Space

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Stepping into a classroom today, you’re unlikely to find a traditional setup – gone are the rows of individual desks and chalkboards. In 2019 you can expect to discover open plan learning spaces, colourful couches and discussion areas, enclosed study nooks and interactive walls. Much discussion and thousands of studies the world over have investigated the pros and cons of old-school learning setups versus more organic spaces; the argument being that open areas invite cohesiveness and collaboration between students. Baresque supports contemporary education spaces that are designed to maximise learning and creativity and have accrued a range of technologies that can be easily incorporated in these rooms. Our interactive wall coverings are designed to maximise the learning experience of young children, teenagers, and young adults in the education system.

Interactive boards and magnetised walls

Since introducing dry erase wallcoverings more than 20 years ago, Walltalkers® have been on the cutting edge of interactive classroom technologies. Using a meticulous laminating process, their EZ-RITE boards are free from thin spots and pinholes that typically result in permanent and obvious ink stains on other dry erase boards. The MAG-RITE boards allow users to stick important documents and information to the board with magnets whilst using dry erase markers to make notes, mind-maps and links between ideas. For a multi-purpose board, the PROJECT-RITE comes with all the features of a dry erase board, but has a low gloss finish to make it an ideal projector screen for powerpoint presentations, film screenings and lectures.

Baresque are designing the future of education

Our children are growing up in a tech-savvy world. To stay current in every facet of their lives, our kinders, schools and universities are having to adapt to the skills the younger generations have already begun to master. With Walltalkers®, Baresque are leading the way in innovative and interactive wallcoverings, discover why classrooms across Australia and worldwide are adopting more engaging and collaborative education tools.

Reach out to our wall design experts for a consultation. We will listen to your vision and needs and suggest the perfect product to suit your education space.


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Baresque continues to dominate the local wallcoverings market and with just a selection of our new releases like these it is easy to see why! Whether it is sophisticated and textured semi-plains, large scale organics and graphics or anything in between, Baresque have all your wallcovering needs covered.  CHECK OUT OUR LATEST WALLCOVERINGS HERE.

Case Study – Minto Shopping Centre Food Court

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With a strong focus on community, the owners of Minto Shopping Centre wanted to give back through their centre. The goal of the refresh was to give the heart of the centre a “homey” and comfortable feel, suitable to a wide range of local demographics. Usability, space and access were particularly important with the layout opening up the inside of the space and creating zones of long vs short stay seating.

Designed in house by our sister company botton + gardiner and using a number of Baresque finishes (vinyl upholsteries, Lightblocks Board), a strong balance was achieved between not only looks but functionality and cost. The client was impressed by botton + gardiner / Baresque’s previous work at Market City, Sydney and drawn to the full package service including design, manufacture and installation.

The food court’s colour palette was inspired by the owner’s Mediterranean tastes and the building’s strong black ceiling framing which also led into the shapes of the feature centre table. Black, bronze and ochre colours were devised to be sophisticated without being cold. The metallic sheen and vinyl’s quilted/woven feel add texture and interest without compromising functionality of cleaning or durability.