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The benchmark for performance fabrics since 1993

A durable fabric for Healthcare, Education and Hospitality, Crypton is a preeminent leader in the world of performance fabrics with a reputation steeped in innovation. Creating a brand new category of fabrics in 1993, today Crypton has over 130 million metres installed worldwide and holds over 20 domestic and foreign patents.

For 25 years, Crypton has provided the benchmark for performance fabrics, providing the most durable upholstery solution built to perform beautifully in the most challenging environments. Crypton offers soft, easy-to-clean, heavy-duty fabric that is impenetrable, stain resistant and odor resistant.

Features + Benefits

  • Breathable but also moisture resistant giving comfort without the nasties getting into the foam underneath
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Many options that are bleach cleanable
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