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Lightblocks is a fully refinishable, finger proof resin with a soft touch. Available in an infinite number of colours and a wide variety of thicknesses, Lightblocks is ideal for use in applications that include being used as a horizontal surface, cladding or screen.

Lightblocks can also be cut through, routed into or digitally printed onto to achieve all sorts of visual effects to tie in with your next project. Lightblocks can also be joined seamlessly and thermoformed.

Esque Vol 15 – A World of Walls (WOW!)

Baresque is excited to present it’s A World of Walls (WOW!) issue of Esque covering the full spectrum of ideas to cover your walls. From our brand new extra heavy duty P3TEC through to options that absorb noise out of your busy space or fine decoratives and tiles that add a discerning touch, Baresque has your walls covered. You can even create your own designs with our Seraphic Digital Print.