Founded in 1975, Baresque is Australia’s premier distributor of wallcoverings (including wallpaper), fabrics, architectural finishes and now tables and seating with offices Australia-wide in Sydney, Brisbane Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Australian owned and managed, Baresque’s client portfolio across hospitality, health and finance includes five star hotels, blue chip companies and large scale commercial projects. Baresque is renowned for its leadership in bringing a wide variety of quality commercial interior design material and finishes from around the globe to market. It is the ‘go to’ destination for architects and interior designers seeking inspiration, quality product, outstanding service and insightful, solution-oriented expertise.

A wide range of solutions for a custom service

In 1975 John Blaiklock was at an age when most people retire. But with the insatiable energy of a true entrepreneur and vast experience from a career involving the boards of numerous large public institutions and companies, new opportunities were never far from his thoughts.

So when a small Sydney wallpaper importer went bankrupt in 1975 and out of the blue the Receiver called and asked for his advice, John naturally took an interest. It was out of left field perhaps, a risk, but could this be a vehicle to start a family business?

Well, after discussions with his son Richard and daughter (Mrs) Gay Bell the answer became ‘Yes’. Despite none of the family having any experience with wallpaper they were collectively able to contribute a considerable range of experience and the idea of trying to build a business together sounded like fun.

Richard had built a career in the marketing of building materials and property management, whilst Gay had worked internationally with the Australian Trade Commission in Europe and later in development finance in Asia. She had also studied at the New York College of Interior Design and had a natural flair for design. In the same way that Henry Ford put a stamp on the Ford Motor Company and that Steve Jobs put his mark on Apple, it was Gay’s understanding of good design and product selection that put the handwriting on Baresque that remains to this day.

When it came to naming their acquisition, the new directors hesitated. Unsure of the company’s future, or even if wallpaper would remain its staple offering, they shied away from anything too specific. From many ideas, the “B” of Baresque was eventually drawn from Borden Chemical Inc (the company’s major American supplier of the time) and from Blaiklock, of course. A leading product range at the time was “Satinesque”. Combining the two and Baresque was born.

Quite unexpectedly, the name was an instant success, helped along by “Number 96”, then the nation’s top rating TV sitcom. When stressed out, the lead character, Dorrie Evans (played by Pat McDonald) would exclaim that she was about to “Go Baresque”!!!

Then & Now





A Brief Story About Baresque

2015 – 2020

Baresque expanded internationally to distribute its own brands including Zintra, FUNC and Lucere with distribution partners established across North and South America, Europe and Asia. Offices, warehousing and sub-contract manufacturing have been set up in Dallas, Texas and Brussels, Belgium to service these markets.

Product Development at the company has flourished with continual releases of high quality, in house designed and manufactured options across finishes, furniture and accessories. Standard product options are supported by a willingness to work directly with clients on project specific responses that tap into the Baresque Groups vast material, furniture design and fabrication experience and capabilities.

Baresque Manufacturing capabilities continue to develop with an experienced team delivering CNC cutting, metal work, joinery, upholstery, laminating and digital print. Baresque Manufacturing now manufacture a wide range of products in house for its sister company Botton + Gardiner in addition to continuing supporting the Jarvis business.


Baresque expanded internationally to distribute its own brands including Zintra and Lucere with distribution partners established across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

2013 – 2015

Through existing relationship as a supplier through Jarvis Furniture, Baresque was approached by Mike Botton and Carol Gardiner as a potential purchaser of their long standing high quality furniture business.

After completing due diligence, Baresque identified botton + gardiner as being intrinsically  aligned with Baresque’s values and an ideal platform for the group to expand into the furniture market.

Promoting furniture under the Baresque brand was shelved.

Under Baresque’s stewardship, the Botton + Gardiner team expanded to include national distribution and reignited investment in high quality product development and marketing.

2011 – 2012

2011 – Purchased Jarvis Tubular Products – a boutique metal fabrication and upholstery business operating next door at Artarmon. Jarvis became a logical acquisition once the previous owner decided to retire and now adds considerably to our manufacturing capabilities and cross pollination of the range of materials.

Development and release of Illume

Consolidation of BAF and Wallcovering & Fabrics divisions into one operating unit.

New logo launched (after 35 years the old one was due retirement!) as well as updated graphics, website and an integrated sales force.

Reopened branch offices in Perth and Adelaide.

2012 – Launch of Baresque Studio Collection range of tables (tops and bases) and seating, drawing together the combined capabilities of Baresque’s distribution and fabrication.

2007 – 2010

Following a series of trials and tentative manufacturing efforts the BAF division flourished.

Baresque got serious about the fabrication of acrylic products, fitting out alternative premises in Artarmon as a production hub.

2007 – Lightblocks launched – a fully refinishable, soft to the touch resin product suitable for horizontal and vertical surface applications.

2009 – Won DesignEx Best New Surface Finish – EcoTop

2010 – IdeaPaint launched – a completely innovative collaboration tool.

2004 – 2006

2004 – Having worked his way up to National Buyer of Menswear at David Jones, JJ Blaiklock (Richard’s eldest son) joined the company. JJ reinvigorated the Wallcoverings & Fabrics division and after an introductory period was appointed Managing Director of the company.

Gay Bell passed away

2005 – Lumicor – the original, encapsulated resin product – was launched.

Mr John Blaiklock passed away

Won Designex Best Surface Finish Product Award – Panelite

2006 – Mr Richard Blaiklock was appointed Chairman

Won Designex Best New Lighting Product Award – Materialised MGX


Head Office relocated from Broadway to Artarmon NSW

After completing his degree in Architecture, Angus Blaiklock (Richard’s youngest son) joined the company to head up the Hard Finishes division which became known as Baresque Architectural Finishes (BAF). Its mantra became its tagline – Innovative Materials for Architecture & Design.

1996 – 2001

Commenced establishing a “Hard Finishes” division to complement the existing Wallcoverings and Fabrics (soft furnishings) activities. Gage ceiling tiles became the most significant initial release.

1992 – 1995

Crypton launched – a truly superb generation of fabric products.

Baresque is proud to have been at the forefront of this Australian launch. Throughout our association with United Fabrics and Standard Textile in the USA their offerings and service to support fabrics and also vinyl upholsteries has been first class.

Changed distribution arrangements in WA and SA due to the economic recession prevailing at that time.


To capitalize on the inter-relationship between fabrics and wallcoverings an extensive range of commercial fabrics was launched with a focus on woollen upholsteries and fire-rated healthcare products.

Baresque opened its own sample manufacturing business.


Mrs Gay Bell retired from active involvement.

1977 – 1980

A number of groundbreaking ranges launched to the Australian Market, including the first foil-type wallcoverings manufactured on Mylar, the legendry Novalin washable linen wallcoverings from Sweden and the extensive Guard, fabric-backed vinyls range from USA with unprecedented stock and technical support.

Wallpaper was redefined in the marketplace as wallcoverings, and became accepted as being viable for commercial and hospitality projects.

Opened Branches in Adelaide and Perth


Branch offices established in Brisbane and Melbourne.


1st september – Baresque Pty Ltd registered as a company and took over the assets of a small bankrupt Sydney wallpaper importer. John Blaiklock appointed Chairman, Richard Managing Director and Gay Bell Marketing Director.