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Introducing New Silicones + Specialty Coated Fabrics

May 28, 2020

Check out Baresque’s new range of Silicones + Speciality Coated Fabrics all with key features of moisture barrier, anti-bacterial and bleach cleanable. Baresque have a large array of silicone design options beyond plains with more contemporary designs available.

Specialty Coated Fabrics

With this release we have 2 super new designs. Interlock Dimensional – Interlock provides an amazing new texture in a matt finish. Perfect for bedheads or upholstered booth seating. It is impervious to moisture and has extreme depth for 3 dimensional look while flexible enough for easy upholstering. The faux leather surface passes over 100,000 double rubs and contains a built-in graffiti-free layer for stain-free atmosphere.

Delirium – Delirium utilises ultrasonic emboss technology to provide a nice little geometric pattern highlight. With 9 neutral hues and variation of colour embossed throughout.


With this release we have 6 new designs that are truly spectacular. Aire is a silicone hybrid combining silicone and polyurethane to create an ultra-soft and ink/stain resistant coated fabric with abrasion results of 200,000+ double rubs. Even with its extremely soft touch and matte surface, the coated fabric is ideal for all applications.

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