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Known Interior Design Solutions to Make A Large Room Feel Cosy

March 5, 2019

A lot of contemporary interior design revolves around making small spaces feel bigger through lighting and white walls, but large spaces come with their own unique challenges. Done wrong, a large room can feel cavernous and uninviting. Done right, a large room can feel both grand and intimate. In this blog, we decided to share some of our favourite ways to cosy up a big room and make it feel more inviting. Our solutions are well-suited for offices, reception areas, restaurants and other spacious locales.


Be colour bold!

Where small spaces easily become cramped by bold feature walls and colourful furniture, large spaces command it! If you’ve got ample square meters to fill, we recommend considering bold wall paints, prints, or panels to make the room feel smaller, warmer and more inviting.

Colours well-suited for making large rooms cosier are warmer palettes such as golds, deep reds, browns and dark yellows. Darker colours absorb light, making the room appear smaller.

If you don’t like the idea of settling with only one colour you can rest easy knowing that opting for a two-tone design is another great technique to break up a room and make it feel more intimate.

If you want something a little out of the ordinary, a large room is perfect for a bold photographic wall print.


Use screens and tall plants to break the room up

Sometimes wall paints can only do so much. Screens – whether you choose to opt for solid walls, translucent surfaces, plants or perforated screens – provide a great chance to take advantage of the high ceilings and maintain the flow of the room while also offering some privacy within smaller, partitioned-off spaces.


Design the room’s acoustics

A drawback of large rooms – especially heavily trafficked ones – is the noise that can come along with them. Luckily, today acoustic solutions have come a long way, meaning you can nip noise in the bud with stunningly designed acoustic tiles, wall panels, concertinas, clouds and baffles.


Speak to the experts

Sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly a room needs for that special finish. We assist interior designers from across Australia and world-wide in finding the perfect custom solutions for their projects and can help you too. Reach out to the Baresque team today.