Baresque’s ceiling tile options will bring vibrancy and texture to commercial spaces and can work wonders in hiding unflattering ceilings. A well-designed ceiling can bring together a room and increase comfort to those within it.

Baresque specialises in standout ceiling tiles, helping interior designers nation-wide source high-quality materials for their future projects. Browse our products or get in touch. We’re always happy to send samples of all our tiles and other materials to help you and your client decide on the best fit for your client’s space, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.

  • Zintra Embossed..

    Zintra Embossed..

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best Acoustic projects and ideas. Zintra Embossed creates tactile, three-dimensional surfaces while consistent patt...

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  • Zintra Sticks

    Zintra Sticks

    Guaranteed to enhance your designs, Baresque is thrilled to announce the next progression in the Zintra journey - Zintra Sticks. Zintra Sticks is...

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  • Zintra Baffles.

    Zintra Baffles.

    Baresque's Zintra Acoustic Baffle System is an easy to install replacement to a mineral fibre lay in system. The Zintra Acoustic Baffle System is aest...

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  • Zintra Clouds.

    Zintra Clouds.

    Reduce the irritating bounce back of sound with Baresque's Clouds. Zintra Acoustic Clouds are interlocking Zintra blades that can be suspended or fix...

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  • Zintra Pressed Tiles.

    Zintra Pressed Tiles.

    With a range of standard pressed designs you can give your suspended ceiling texture and definition, whilst retaining the acoustic benefits of a tile ...

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  • Zintra Shapes.

    Zintra Shapes.

    Common geometric forms add character to your ceilings and overall space with Zintra Shapes BE INSPIRED by our amazing acoustic projects and ideas. ...

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Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the ceiling when designing a space

Ceiling designs can add an intangible air of beauty and quality in a space. Whether your space calls for clean, white tiles with a beautiful textured design, or perhaps baffles for a more detailed, attention grabbing design – we have what you need. Baresque’s ceiling range extends the ability to mix and match materials and designs across an interior space by taking in the ceiling in addition to walls and table tops.

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Suspended ceiling tiles, wall coverings and much more

At Baresque, we endeavour to help our clients source a wide range of stunning solutions for their interior designs – which is why we offer:

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