Stunning, Durable Wall Cladding Panels

High-end cladding can add a touch of gravitas and luxury to any commercial space – as well as do wonders for space’s acoustics. Baresque provides an array of high-end cladding styles and designs to suit a range of spaces. Whether you want a bold burst of colour for an attention-grabbing detail at a restaurant or a stunning natural look to add refined luxury to a hotel’s interior, we’ve got what you need.

We encourage you to reach out to our friendly team to discuss your project. Our knowledgeable team can help you decide on the best solution for your needs or send samples so that you can better gauge the look of our cladding panels in the space you are creating.

  • Zintra Embossed.

    Zintra Embossed.

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best Acoustic projects and ideas. Zintra Embossed creates tactile, three-dimensional surfaces while consistent patt...

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  • Zintra 3D Wall Panels.

    Zintra 3D Wall Panels.

    Seamlessly joined 3D Wall Panels offer an interesting and functional acoustic element to straight or curved walls. BE INSPIRED by our amazing acou...

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  • Zintra Tiles.

    Zintra Tiles.

    Have some creative fun by mixing and matching Zintra Plain and Etch Tiles in 28 colours and 13 shapes. BE INSPIRED by our amazing acoustic project...

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  • Zintra Acoustic Panel.

    Zintra Acoustic Panel.

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best Acoustic projects and ideas. Zintra Acoustic Panel is the perfect solution for where acoustic performance as we...

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  • Seraphic Digital Print..

    Seraphic Digital Print..

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best digital print or cladding projects and ideas. Check out our range of standard DESIGNS or bring us your own ide...

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  • Zintra Sticks

    Zintra Sticks

    Guaranteed to enhance your designs, Baresque is thrilled to announce the next progression in the Zintra journey - Zintra Sticks. Zintra Sticks is...

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  • Zintra Patterns.

    Zintra Patterns.

    Zintra Patterns are perforated Zintra panels available with or without a backer. BE INSPIRED by our amazing acoustic projects and ideas. Additiona...

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  • Zintra Etch.

    Zintra Etch.

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best Acoustic projects and ideas. Acoustic absorption meets dynamic 3D design with Zintra Etch. Additional inform...

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  • Zintra Textures.

    Zintra Textures.

    BE INSPIRED by our best of the best Acoustic projects and ideas. Zintra Textures delivers subtle 3-dimensional relief with serious acoustic benefit...

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  • Lightblocks Board

    Lightblocks Board

    Lightblocks Board is a matt, 3-30mm thick, fully refinishable resin with a soft touch. It is also finger print proof. Lightblocks Board Cladding op...

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  • Lucere Board

    Lucere Board

    Lucere Board is a 30mm thick, back coloured, gloss resin with a soft touch. It is suitable for many different indoor applications where the weight and...

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  • Lucere Mirror

    Lucere Mirror

    Sophistication and timelessness of mirror with the ease and cost effectiveness of acrylic. Whether its a typical mirror application or a curved perfor...

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  • Versato Board

    Versato Board


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Durable and stunning cladding for a range of spaces

Baresque’s Cladding range is perfect for hard-wearing, design focused applications.

Our Cladding materials offer high wear resistance and design innovation so that both your functional and aesthetic requirements are met. Try Baresque’s cost effective and practical Lightblocks Board or Zintra, a stylish, acoustic solution.

Lightblocks Board & Mirror, Lucere Board and Mirror, Zintra and FlexTex Cladding options are now available with Seraphic High-Performance Digital Print. Check out our Digital Print Design Essentials brochure here.

To view Baresque’s latest magazine, click ESQUE Volume 15.

Beyond external wall cladding

We understand the difficulty that often goes along with finding wall panels and other design features that perfectly meet your style preferences and those of your client. Not only do we provide stunning wall claddings to ensure a boutique look even for larger commercial spaces, we’ve got everything else to meet your needs, too. We offer:

Learn why we’re trusted by interior designers Australia-wide

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial cladding and covering products available at Baresque, please feel free to get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to assist. You can call us directly on +61 1300 306 399, send us an email at, or fill out our online enquiry form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.