World’s First Ink Resistant Textile.

Zenus is the next evolution of performance fabrics. With its Dry-Care Technology, stains and spills can be cleaned with just a dry towel. It is eco-friendly, bleach cleanable and highly durable, redefining contract textiles. Zenus begins from the inception of the yarn to the final finish to produce the highest performing and easiest to clean fabric on the market. Zenus is not a finish, but a textile born to perform.

Key Features:

  • Stain Resistance – most stains and spills can be wiped away with just a dry cloth
  • Ball point pen marks can be removed with a dry towel or eraser
  • Durability – most patterns have been tested for over 200,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek)
  • Disinfectability – all Zenus patterns are bleach (1:4) cleanable, killing bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew
  • Inherently anti-bacterial – no biocide or anti-microbial chemical is added

Check out the newly released range of Fabrics or view the whole of ESQUE Volume 14 here.

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