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Baresque offers a wide range of 2D Perforated choices through its ability to mix and match colour/ finish with design and core type. All 2D  Perforated designs offer the ability to have a frameless progressive design and flush finish through biscuit joins between each panel. Tiles are designed to fit into a standard 595mm x 595mm or 595mm x 1195mm ceiling grid system.

Australian-Made Perforated Metal Screens and Wall Panels

Increase privacy, improve acoustics and effortlessly add a touch of refined design with stunning, perforated metal screens from Baresque. Our screens are highly customisable and easy to install, without encroaching on the beauty of the finished product.

Feel free to browse our range or reach out to our friendly team. We’re here to help you source the best perforated metal screens and panels for your needs  be it to improve acoustics or add texture and style to walls.

The reasons interior designers love perforated metal panels

Original concept. 1000’s of combinations.

Baresque’s 2D Perforated Screens are a cost effective, space solution bringing privacy to an area without enclosing it and turning a practical need into a design focal point. There are hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from, including outdoor, acoustic and high-traffic suitable options. With flush finishes between panels and Baresque’s range of Systems that make installation a breeze, achieving a sleek, modern look is simple. Furthermore, these screens are manufactured in Australia resulting in short lead times and low price points.

Simply follow a three-step process to design a screen that’s perfect for you 1. Select your Design 2. Choose your Finish 3. Complete your Baresque Screen with the popular Ply core or edgy Black or White resin

Check out the newly released range of Screens or view the whole of ESQUE Volume 15 here.

A complete interior design solution

Interior design made easy. Okay, not quite, but we help you source standout cladding, wallpapers and so much more, all in one place. We offer:

Let us help you find the perfect perforated metal

If you have any uncertainties with how you can make the most of our perforated metal screens, our expert team will help identify the solution that’s right for you. For more information on how Baresque can help you with your design process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by calling on +61 1300 306 399, or by sending us an email at