Being a materials supplier for over 40 years, Baresque have access to literally 1,000’s of different options on which to print yours or our creation across wallcoverings, acoustics, cladding and horizontal surfaces.

Printing yours or our designs digitally is awesome for expressing your creativity, but tying that special design back to an amazing substrate with extra colour and texture to tap into will give you that extra element and allow you to tie your feature wall back to the rest of the room.

Check out just a small taste of our substrate options below or get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to step through what else is available that will meet your project needs.

For more information on Seraphic – High Performance Digital Prints Finishes, check out our Digital Print Design Essentials brochure.

Install guides can be found here (Wallcoverings, Zintra, Lightblocks, Glass Film)


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