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Why Residential Homes are the New Five-Star Hotels

July 1, 2019

Australia’s senior demographic are arguably one of the most overlooked and underappreciated social groups. With recent reports about the unacceptable state of aged care facilities, from shabby rooms to ineffective layouts, many residential homes are turning to interior decorators to transform their facilities into VIP accommodation.

Having supplied a range of wallcoverings to aged care homes, Baresque explores why residential care is transforming into five-star hotels.

Only the best for Australia’s seniors

When we reach a stage of life when residential care is our best option, we want to know that we’re going to a home that treats its guests like royalty. As well as being provided with a variety of tasty meal options, stimulating activities, and friendly staff, you want to settle into a place that upholds a standard of superior quality aesthetics.

If you’re moving from your family home into residential care you should be treated to the same inspiring and comforting designs that made your previous residence your personal haven. That’s why many aged care facilities are investing more into creating light, inviting, and beautiful common spaces for their residents to enjoy, as well as comfortable rooms and suites.

A better experience for visitors

Not only is this a win for residents, but it’s an exciting initiative to make visitors and family members have a more enjoyable time with their parents, friends, and loved ones. With comfortable and appealing common areas for residents to relax with their guests, a room that is light and boasts beautiful wall coverings is sure to set the tone for peaceful and happy visits.

Creating a better future for our elderly loved ones

Visiting standard aged care facilities around Australia, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally stumbled into a hospital ward. Bland wallcoverings, clinical furniture, and uninspiring colour palettes can drastically affect the mood of a facility.

When you invest in the atmosphere of residential care, you’re investing in the happiness of residents and their visitors, and the satisfaction and pride they will experience upon calling this place their home. Our elderly loved ones deserve the very best, and with help from the experts at Baresque, aged care companies can create the right tone for their facilities. If you want to find out more about this process, get in touch with our designers to start the ball rolling on turning flavourless décor into five-star designs.