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Say Goodbye to Bland and Sterile Décor

July 17, 2019

Once upon a time, high-traffic areas – particularly hallways and rooms in healthcare settings that must adhere to strict cleaning protocols – were stuck with practical décor that left a lot to be desired. In an industry where ‘practical’ used to be synonymous with ‘uninspiring’ (read: boring), interior designers can now rejoice. With Baresque’s new line of advanced wall protection, P3TEC, industries such as healthcare, food service, and transportation will benefit from products that seamlessly blend easy-to-clean elements with trendsetting design. In this blog, Baresque showcases the best features of the P3TEC range, as well as other protective coverings, and shows you how they can be integrated in your workplace.

Designed for high performance

The P3TEC range is one of Baresque’s most exciting new products. A highly lauded technical innovation, this stunning wall protection collection comes with three key advantages:

  • High performance, including being bleach cleanable
  • Easy to use and install
  • A wide range of beautiful designs

It has been specifically engineered to withstand impact force to a higher degree than standard wall coverings, retaining the key advantages of physical flexibility whilst also boasting superior abrasion resistance to damage from moving objects such as carts, trolleys, wheelchairs, and other wheeled devices. Protected with a cap film, P3TEC is easy to clean. It is designed to resist surface damage from even the harshest chemicals and staining agents – spray paint, permanent markers, and more can be easily removed. This is especially valuable for healthcare and food service workplaces that rely on products that can be sanitised easily and effectively.

Protect your benches and tabletops

With our Stratek range, you’ll find a range of options in replicated natural finishes, but with all the benefits of durability. What makes this product exceptional is its seamless edge that is created by wrapping the substrate, rather than relying on laminating. This is a win for hygiene and easy cleaning as you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting caught in the seam between panels.

Let Baresque redefine practical

Boring and practical no longer go hand-in-hand. Let Baresque change your perception of sterile décor with their exciting and state-of-the-art range of wallcoverings and tabletops that blend hygiene with high fashion. If you work in healthcare, food service, or transportation, prepare to feel inspired every time you walk in the front door. Speak to one of our design experts on 1300 306 399 or submit an enquiry online.