March 5, 2020

Designed by – Davenport Campbell Sydney

Photographed by – Lend lease

We are super excited to share these images of the recently completed Telstra Theatre – Melbourne where Baresque worked alongside Davenport Campbell, Lend Lease and Kwill Constructions to design, engineer, manufacture and install these amazing acoustic sails.

Suspended by wire from the ceiling, the multi-faceted panel systems house lighting in addition to delivering crucial acoustic benefits to the theatre. A pressure fit locking system created a strong and lightweight framework behind every sail but the real challenge was ensuring each sail was self-supporting and not too heavy to be suspended off the ceiling. While the design itself is elaborate, the idea of having a framework structure allowed for a simple install that both located and held the front panels into position.

Good direct communication between the designer and Baresque Manufacturing allowed manufacturing input from the start for unified production. This included Baresque being supplied a curved contour shapes as a guide to follow and these were turned into individual flat panels to work with ease with our Zintra material. The addition of chamfer edging allowed the pieces to be supplied separately but give the illusion of a full structure once assembled as each piece fit seamlessly together.

Working closely with Lend Lease and Kwill Constructions these sails were restructured to suit site measurements and allow for a more interactive process from design, supply of pieces and assembly onsite in Melbourne. A crew from Baresque went down to site to guide the install, adding a level of confidence for the installers and allowing for a more streamlined process.

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