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October 10, 2019

Designed by – Hames Sharley

Photographed by – Peter Barnes

A true team effort delivered real wow factor to this multi functional collaborative space and kitchen/social meeting area.

Working with Hames Sharley from the drawing stage, Tonkin required extensive consultation and collaboration between Baresque, our design / manufacturing team and the lighting designer, electrician, joiner and project manager to define how assembly and installation would work on site. It was the amazing attributes of our Zintra Acoustic Panel and Baresque’s openness to taking the design concept to work through the possibilities that finally delivered the client’s needs.

Interestingly the individual clouds were installed in sections then joined together as one 8.7m x 3.5m unit. Massive! The complete unit was then suspended 1m off the ground for the lighting team to come in thread their wires through to the top. The Cloud was then hung and the wiring pulled through to the ceiling to hard wire.