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Using Digital Print for Creative Design Solutions

December 4, 2019

The options are limitless when it comes to digital printing; whether you want to choose from an established design that we have previously created, or would like our team to manipulate a design you have created yourself, there is so much you can do to achieve the perfect print. With more than 1000 substrates on offer, we encourage you to enjoy the versatility of Baresque’s Seraphic High Performance Digital Print, material selection, and the experience our team have in achieving creative design solutions.

The process of creating a digital print

Seraphic High Performance Digital Print offers an extensive range of substrates including wallcoverings, cladding, acoustics and tabletops. You can start your journey with one of our plains, choose an intricate texture or colour to help achieve the unique style of your project, or bring in your own idea for us to work with.

Bringing your own design ideas to life

From innovative acoustics to durable wallcovering, Baresque have experience in a multitude of design solutions, including corporate and fast food branding, in which clients have brought in their designs to help generate a unique piece that helps represent their specific company style.

When you bring your own idea in, you have the option for us to print it as is or develop the file to modify its design so that it meets your requirements. If you are not completely satisfied with the options offered, or want to explore a range of avenues, we can tap into sourcing capabilities to help your dream be further realised.

The final stages of production

Once we have your design and dimensions, we will supply you with a complimentary A4 sample so you can see in real time what the design will look like once printed. This piece is then used as the basis for sign off prior to production. Doing so removes the hassle and stress of worrying about changes after the final process has started and helps eliminate errors.

Baresque is with you from start to finish

A dedicated internal digital project manager will work with you to ensure your vision is achieved, and your expectations are met. Browse our designs to see what we can do for your company or bring in your own creative idea and let our talented team generate a creative design solution for you. We are available on 1300 306 399 or info@baresque.com.au.