Wallcovering Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2020

March 16, 2020

Wallcoverings are a simple bespoke way to turn an interior space into something truly special and create a unique area. So, with 2020 well underway, what are some of the wallcovering trends and ideas that we are seeing this year?

Textured Wallcoverings

Offering a point of interest to any space, textured wallcoverings with intricate embossing’s are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they have great design character, they help hide imperfections helping to deliver amazing longevity. Textured wallcoverings are simple to install and with the help of the professionals at Baresque, you can choose a style that suits your interior space and use texture as the main attraction.

Customised Wallcoverings

This trend is definitely one that we see continuing well into the future!

Add your own touch to wallcoverings with customised digital print services. Baresque’s Seraphic Digital Print allows you to hand-pick your own design and choose from 1000’s of unique substrates to deliver a feature wall that can tie back seamlessly to the rest of the room vs just printing on plain white. With years of experience in digital print, we have the capability dedication and skills in materials to provide you with your dream outcome. We can even print on our Zintra Acoustic Panel or Lightblocks Resin for noise minimizing or table top applications.

Don’t Compromise – Super Durable AND Super Looking Wallcoverings all in one

Need to clean your walls with bleach? No problem.

Sick and tired of trolley or wheel chair damage? No problem.

Also want your space to look good? No problem!

Baresque’s Advanced Wall Protection range offers all of this along with the easy to install characteristics of a wallcovering Advanced Wall Protection is a range of high performing wallcoverings that not only stand up to the demands of public spaces, but also the cleaning and durability needed to keep your area looking fresh and new. This range is ideal for high use service spaces, shopping centre amenity areas, airports and fast food restaurants.

Trust Baresque With All Your Wallcovering Needs

We all know that trends can come and go, and you can find yourself not loving your original design as much as you once thought. Here at Baresque, we provide the answer to this dilemma by helping you make the current trends your own. We can help you find the perfect wallcoverings for your interior space and ensure that they will not only stand the test of time, but your evolving tastes. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your wallcovering options on 1300 306 399 or email info@baresque.com.au.