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Wallcoverings for a Modern Learning Space

May 20, 2019

Stepping into a classroom today, you’re unlikely to find a traditional setup – gone are the rows of individual desks and chalkboards. In 2019 you can expect to discover open plan learning spaces, colourful couches and discussion areas, enclosed study nooks and interactive walls. Much discussion and thousands of studies the world over have investigated the pros and cons of old-school learning setups versus more organic spaces; the argument being that open areas invite cohesiveness and collaboration between students. Baresque supports contemporary education spaces that are designed to maximise learning and creativity and have accrued a range of technologies that can be easily incorporated in these rooms. Our interactive wall coverings are designed to maximise the learning experience of young children, teenagers, and young adults in the education system.

Interactive boards and magnetised walls

Since introducing dry erase wallcoverings more than 20 years ago, Walltalkers® have been on the cutting edge of interactive classroom technologies. Using a meticulous laminating process, their EZ-RITE boards are free from thin spots and pinholes that typically result in permanent and obvious ink stains on other dry erase boards. The MAG-RITE boards allow users to stick important documents and information to the board with magnets whilst using dry erase markers to make notes, mind-maps and links between ideas. For a multi-purpose board, the PROJECT-RITE comes with all the features of a dry erase board, but has a low gloss finish to make it an ideal projector screen for powerpoint presentations, film screenings and lectures.

Baresque are designing the future of education

Our children are growing up in a tech-savvy world. To stay current in every facet of their lives, our kinders, schools and universities are having to adapt to the skills the younger generations have already begun to master. With Walltalkers®, Baresque are leading the way in innovative and interactive wallcoverings, discover why classrooms across Australia and worldwide are adopting more engaging and collaborative education tools.

Reach out to our wall design experts for a consultation. We will listen to your vision and needs and suggest the perfect product to suit your education space.