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Be Bolta – Raw, Bold and Glam

May 19, 2020

Introducing a new wallcovering experience. Be inspired. Be BOLTA. Three distinct design personas.

Be inspired, be BOLTA, be RAW. Unrefined, imperfect and authentic. A foundation of easy neutral hues, layered and mixed with plenty of texture. RAW is living materials, soothing colours and textural finishes.

Be inspired, be BOLTA, be BOLD. Strong, graphic and dynamic. Clean and structured graphics demand your attention. BOLD is the drama of black and white, a large striking pattern or a vivid colour.

Be inspired, be BOLTA, be GLAM. Refined, polished, confidence. GLAM is the partnership between rich metallic’s, unexpected combinations and luxe finishes. It is the finest of textures, the elegance of reflective surfaces or rich, surprising colour combinations.

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