March 25, 2020

In these crazy times, who doesn’t need some fun new acoustic ideas to drown out all that home schooling racket ? Check these out for inspiration.

Or got a different idea? With our local design and manufacturing capability, Baresque are constantly working with clients on quick turnaround, custom solutions. Call 1300 306 399 to chat through your exact project requirements.

The Lava Lamp – Standalone Vertical Baffles

Bringing back memories, but redefined for the new age, Baresque’s “Lava Lamp”  is a mix between our ceiling baffle systems and our floor to ceiling Blades systems.

Great for creating semi private spaces, Lava Lamp provides a double sided pattern making it an ideal screen and is available in a nominal 1200mmW x 2745mmH set but can be completely customised to meet your project needs. We can even narrow the blades or space them further apart to reduce costs if required.

Indicative drawing can be found here VERTICAL BAFFLE – LAVA LAMP


Crease – Zintra Shapes Reinvented

Zintra Crease is a very simple way to add interest and depth to our flat Zintra Shapes and can be adapted to all different shapes and sizes. The addition of the crease helps provide a cost effective solution to potential bowing of larger flat shapes (as no frame will be required).

Indicative drawing can be found here ZINTRA SHAPES – CREASE


Box Tiles – Angled

An addition to our current Box Tiles, the angle delivers a sweet extra dimension that can be extrapolated across all box sizes and due to way the pieces nest, delivers some sweet pricing! Win, win!

Lots of fun times ahead with this one deciding what combinations to go for across Zintra’s 20 neutral to bright colours.

Nominal tile size shown here is 250mm x 250mm x 100mmD. Indicative drawing can be found here BOX TILE – ANGLED

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